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Sheng right precision has more than 20 years of experience, the accumulation of professional technology, a wide range of materials access to the spirit of customer service, providing good products and services, practical sound mode of operation in the industry to establish a good reputation.


Mainly to solve the computer, IC, communications and electronic products from the inside to the outside of the required plate OEM manufacturing. As well as 3C products required steel and conductive tape foundry manufacturing!

Shengquan precision in recent years, foot stationery and furniture, medical equipment, to provide the required red-type products foundry And manufacturing, to provide a wide range of traditional punching services!

◎ UL materials professional processing

◎ Computer ‧ Optoelectronics ‧ EMI materials of various types of panels ‧ Aluminum heat sink ‧ Shock absorber ‧ Insulation material ‧ Conductive copper foil ‧ Conductive tape ‧ Thermal tape ‧ Various double-sided tape processing.

◎ Reinforcement of various circuit boards ‧ Reinforced plate surface Plating plating


General manager (company) expectations (business philosophy) Development of quality products, improve production technology capacity. Complete customer demand for quality, to provide customer satisfaction services.

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